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Poems by Latino / Hispanic Authors

Jenna Wolfram – I Came Back

Jenna Wolfram is a tri-citizen raised in both the U.S. and Ecuador. At age nine her parents returned to her father’s native home of Ecuador, challenging her to learn and embrace a new lifestyle.  Despite a rough start at a Quichua/Shuar elementary school, Jenna now wholeheartedly claims Ecuador as home. Following her graduation in Ecuador, Jenna  has pursued a degree in  Public Relations and Business. She hopes to work in cultural research and preservation for South American countries.

Poem is I Came Back.

Martina Gallegos – Ninos Olvidados

Martina Gallegos: I came from Mexico as a teenager and lived in Altadena and Pasadena through high school. I then moved to Oxnard and attended community college. I transferred to California State University, Northridge and got my teaching credential. I taught for almost 18 years in Hueneme Elementary School District until a work injury followed by a stroke kept me home. I paused my Master’s but resumed after hospitalization. I graduated with my M.A. June 2015. Works have appeared in Altadena Review, Nation Poetry, Hometown Pasadena, and Allpoetry. POEM – NIÑOS OLVIDADOS


Axel Garcia – The Fall

Axel (Aamir) Garcia is a Puerto Rican writer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York who found the escape of poetry during his teenage years as an offshoot from his music. Featuring his work at The Capicu Cultural Showcase, The USA Shaolin Temple, The Nuyorican Poets Café. A drummer and song writer for over 30 years, poetry became the vehicle to release into words the ebb and flow of life. Finding ways to express the emotional ride that living and loving left, the poems here are a collection from years ago to now. From his early upbringing as a Catholic, to his reversion to Islam and being initiated as an Awo Ifa and Omo Esu, religion has played a major role in the complexities of his life. It is here where he births his poetry with hope and leaves his legacy. Bismillah /G\  POEM – The Fall

Karina G Lopez – Misconceptions of a Latina

This Month (October 2015), we are showcasing the poetry works of Karina Guardiola-Lopez who is a New York City author, poet, educator and founder of The Pen, The Pad and The Poet series. She has over 12 years of experience in the educational field and is currently working in Higher Education. She is a graduate from the City College of New York. She has facilitated various workshops, mentoring circles and open mic events for teens. She has published several books including an anthology called Pens, Pads and Poets: Words of Hope. She has also been published in several anthologies, magazine and websites. Her works are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and  She is a member of the Full Circle Ensemble and she continues to read at book readings and poetry performances. For more information please visit  A poem shared by Ms. Guardiola-Lopez is titled: Question #13 Extended (Misconceptions of a Latina).

Melendez A Manuel – Choices

This Month (July 2015), we are showcasing the poetry works of Manuel Melendez. Check out his interview and his author bio on our site. Below is a wonderful poem that we thought our readers would like. It is titled ‘Choices’ and can be found in his book Observations Through Poetry. Many of Mr. Melendez’ poetry works encompass insightful messages that will make you question yourself or better yet your surroundings. Enjoy and stay tuned for more poetry on our site! Click on the link to one of his poems titled Choices.

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