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summer reads 2015Each year, we welcome new Latino/Hispanic writers to the publishing arena. They bring us books from every genre and every conceivable topic you can imagine. It is the diversity in writing that make these authors interesting and will continue to make their presence known in the writing world. If they are not readily seen on the main stream media it’s not because of due diligence, but rather due to political and economical decisions by big publishers that don’t truly support authors with diverse cultural backgrounds. For that reason, our site is focused in promoting Latino/Hispanic authors. As we progress, we will continue to provide new and upcoming lists of books that cross our path and which we feel may be interesting to our readers. Continue supporting our authors by purchasing their books, writing reviews, and sharing new reads with your friends. It’s this collective effort that will bring our writers more to the forefront.


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The Latino Author is featuring published author Dr. Cynthia Colón. This is Dr. Colón’s first book and covers candid responses to a hectic process of becoming an author. I believe you’ll be impressed with the information she has chosen to share with our readers.

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