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It has been a longtime passion to create a forum that brings Published Authors, emerging Latino Writers / Hispanic Writers, and Readers together. Why? Because of the belief that books and reading is what forms us as individuals. What we read helps to shape the human beings that we become. It is the words written in books, magazines, comics, songs, poetry and other forums that will live long after we are gone. It is our experiences, our contribution to humanity, and the creation of written words that will capture the essence of our individualism and many cultures for future generations to come.

Alchemist kitchen or laboratoryReading is how we can enter a world full of magic, mystery, or suspense without ever having to leave our house. How much better can it get! A book can open up horizons you never thought possible and take you on a whirlwind ride of your life. So why not pick up a book? Warning! It may take you into a world you never knew existed.

TheLatinoAuthor.com is here to provide a platform for Latino writers / Hispanic writers, Latino authors / Hispanic authors, and All readers to come together around the world. We want to showcase the talent that exists within the Latino world and bring it to the forefront. We want people, wherever they may reside, to realize and achieve their dreams in the world of writing and reading. It Can Be Done! 

Winter Woodland BookA great author can create a story beyond something you couldn’t have imagined. Isn’t it time you pick up that book you’ve always wanted and never made the time to read it? Don’t procrastinate – don’t delay.  We are all given one shot in life and every second you let go by, it is a second you’ll never get back. Can you envision the doors that will be unlocked? Isn’t it time to pick up that key to that gateway of no return? We dare you!

Our passion and dedication is to bring you as much knowledge as possible to help you succeed on your path to writing or to connect with a favorite author or to simply learn about the availability of a wonderful literary work.

Our approach and commitment to this site is a customer-centric approach. We are anxious to begin this voyage with you and to make this a successful journey.

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The Latino Author is featuring published author Dr. Cynthia Colón. This is Dr. Colón’s first book and covers candid responses to a hectic process of becoming an author. I believe you’ll be impressed with the information she has chosen to share with our readers.

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