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What exactly do screenwriters do? Well, they actually have a great role in helping to bring a movie to the big screen. Without these writers, movies would not get done. A screenwriter will develop the narrative and dialog after having done research on a particular story. They write the story in a certain format before handing it to development executives. It is these screenwriters who can help create the impact of a story and the direction it may take.

There are usually several screenwriters working on different stages of the story and many of these people take on a variety of roles throughout their careers. There are various types of screenwriting jobs such as Spec script writers (for feature films and television shows), commissioned screenwriters hired for a specific play, and feature assignment writers (hired under contract by a producer or a studio) that work on open assignments or work exclusively on a particular screenplay. The various responsibilities that a screenwriter will take varies and depends on the producer or studio. These persons determine how they will use the talent of their screenwriters. There are screenwriters that work exclusively for television and those that work just rewriting scripts.

Screenwriting is a great profession if you can get the right job with the right network, studio, and or producer. Just keep in mind that Hollywood is unforgiving and sometimes you may have a job and sometimes you may not; however, if you do become a successful screenwriter your services will be sought after by the top most people in the industry.

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