Picture globeIn this section of countries, our focus will be on Central America, South America, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain.  We have chosen these continents and countries because their ‘root’ language is Latin for the most part and also because they are known as Spanish speaking countries with the exception of Brazil. Of course, if you really want to get technical, France, Italy, Portugal and Romania are considered the Latin European countries in addition to a few territories such as Haiti. We, however, will not be focusing on these four countries or those other territories at this time.

Because Latino literature has a foot in many of these regions, we thought it would be important to provide some background on these cultures, their history, and their literature side. We did this with the hope that it would provide ALL readers insight when reading a literature piece from a Latino writer, or any writer for that matter, that incorporates many of these traditions and customs into their literary works.

As you examine the many ethnicity groups and the ways of life from each of these regions, our goal is to deepen your sense of understanding from these wonderful mostly Spanish-speaking countries that collectively make up a huge part of our world.

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