Girls reading booksThe importance of Children’s books and what they reveal about who we are as a society is very telling. Through these books, as children we begin to interact with the academic and reading world. It is these early literary interactions that will help to shape and mold our world and thinking and possibly stir us into a different path, consciousness, or richness. They may move us into a realm we hadn’t even thought of before. I would further venture to say that children’s books create the foundation and insight into our ever changing global world.

Children’s book topics of today include enlightenment of folklore, cultural awareness, political insight, and they even touch on societies hopes and dreams. So how important are these books to us and our children? I would say they are extremely significant.  It is these books that will make us into the human beings of tomorrow.

If you are currently writing a Children’s book or even if you are already a published author, check out the information below. The more you read up on techniques and processes, the better writer you’ll become.

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The Latino Author is featuring published author Dr. Cynthia Colón. This is Dr. Colón’s first book and covers candid responses to a hectic process of becoming an author. I believe you’ll be impressed with the information she has chosen to share with our readers.

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