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floating beds smokeWhy is poetry important? First, poetry is simply a method of writing that allows one to use metaphors and imagery to describe something. Secondly, with this type of creative writing, a writer may enhance a person’s imagination or bring forth an emotion that the listener or reader didn’t know existed. Poetry doesn’t necessarily follow the conventional rules of writing, but rather allows an individual to tell their story in a different way. The story can have rhythm or not, sounds or not, beats or not, but yet it should convey a slice of life that is important to the writer. It doesn’t necessarily have to follow the standard grammar and punctuation rules, but rather it should let the author find his or her own voice and presentation.

Poetry opens the door for many reluctant writers to get into the literary field, and many quickly find that they love it. Some prefer this style of writing and never venture from this, and yet others use poetry as a stepping stone to get to another phase of writing. It is all a matter of preference. Poetry is a way to foster and build creativity and awareness in a community or group. It’s a way to connect with people. For many, poetry brings a sense of joy and excitement as they begin to create a story with words that can be song-like or not.

Poetry is an art and there are methods and techniques that can help you get started. As you begin to create poetry, don’t over analyze it. Be open to the emotional feel of what you are writing and let the words engage you and move you to a new consciousness or awareness. Find the words that will make you feel the emotion and use those to communicate with your audience. Below are some basic guidelines to get you started.


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