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fiction book life bookshelf flying charactersWhat is fiction, why are these books written, and do these stories really matter? The first thing people say about fiction is that it’s just a make-believe world for writers who may be good with words and have access to a computer, pen, or pencil. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

So why are these books or stories written? There are, of course, written for many reasons. Some are written because people are ego driven and believe this is their claim to fame, other writers write because they have great imaginations and need to put them down in writing to share with the world, others write because they believe it’s a financial gain to do so, and yet others just write because they like to see their words on paper. There are countless reasons; however, no matter what the motivation there is a method to the madness to be successful in this fiction writing business.

The third question is, are fiction books important to our society and do they really matter? The answer is YES! Fiction books provide readers with amusement and escape to a world they may otherwise not be privy too. It could be a world of romance or mythology, insight into thought-provoking life situations, or just tapping into an emotional side of life – good or bad. The list is endless, but the fact is that fiction books do matter because they transport us into a new world or place. A good writer will illustrate, disclose, or possibly help us reveal another part of our soul that we may not have yet tapped into. Remember, fiction stories are usually chosen for amusement first, but reader beware – you may be changed along the way!

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