January 8, 2018

lost and foundon the camino de santiago xuan carlos hernandez

Lost and Found on the Camino de Santiago by Xuan Carlos Hernandez. In search of healing, he takes off to Spain’s ancient pilgrimage trail, the Camino de Santiago and this leads him to Anna. As they go from town through town on this pilgrimage they begin to fall in love. This book was released in 2106 but a fun read. 



from klail City to Korea with loveFrom Klail City to Korea with Love by Rolando Hinojosa. “We’ve never needed a Mexican before,” someone says at a meeting about the possibility of hiring Jehu Malacara at the Klail, Belken County Bank, known simply as the Bank. But times are changing, and Jehu is smart, capable and well-liked.

Containing two volumes from Rolando Hinojosa’s acclaimed Klail City Death Trip Series Rites and Witnesses and Korean Love Songs From Klail City to Korea with Love returns to familiar territory as Hinojosa continues his examination of life along the border, including the discrimination faced by Texas Mexicans and locals’ involvement in war.

flesh wounds en carne propia jorge arguetaFlesh Wounds; A Poetic Memoir/En Carne Propia: Memoria Propia by Jorge Argueta. In lieu of today’s immigration unrest, this book is more relevant than ever. ” In this moving, bilingual collection, renowned poet Jorge Argueta reminisces about growing up in El Salvador, the impact of war on his family and neighbors, life as an exile in the United States and ultimately his rebirth as a poet.



the wetback and other stories ron ariasThe Wetback and Other Stories by Ron Arias. Most of the 14 stories included in this volume were originally published in journals that no longer exist, including El Grito: A Journal of Contemporary Mexican-American Thought,Caracol and Revista Chicano-Riquena. Many of the pieces in this collection take place in a Los Angeles neighborhood that used to be called Frog Town, now known as Elysian Valley. Ron Arias reveals the lives of his Mexican-American community. 



house built on ashes by jose antonio rodriguezHouse Built on Ashes – A Memoir by Jose Antonio Rodriguez. The year is 2009. A student at Binghamton University in upstate New York gets a call from his father not to visit during Thanksgiving holiday – the cartel has taken over the Mexican border town. It’s now the memories that take Jose back. 



latino leaders speakLatino Leaders Speak: Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph by Mickey Ibarra (Author, Editor),‎ Maria Perez-Brown (Editor). This book was originally rolled out at the Latino Leaders Luncheon Series in Washington, DC, and other cities. This book entails the stories of successful Latinos involved in a variety of occupations. A few of the contributors are former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; former general manager of the New York Mets, Omar Minaya; and Dr. Francisco G. Cigarroa, the Chancellor of the University of Texas System. Their words are inspiration for readers of any age.


the dance of the rose betty viamontesThe Dance of the Rose by Betty Viamontes. From the author of “Waiting on Zapote Street.” This is a novel recreating moments that a Cuban family encounter. It includes years of separation, and a breakup, a reunion and the efforts of a family trying to overcome the circumstances, triumphs, and tribulations during this ordeal. 



deep in the shadows hipolito acostaDeep in the Shadows by Hipolito Acosta. This is a memoir of Acosta’s dangerous exploit as an undercover human smuggler and undocumented immigrant. He took the opportunity and later on expanded his career in the Philippines and Mexico. It will give the reader insight into the underworld of human suffering and isn’t for the faint of heart.



deer dancer richard j gonzalesDeer Dancer by Richard J. Gonzales. In 1800s Sonora, Mexico, the Yaquis are in constant struggle to keep their homelands from first the Spaniards and later the Mexicans. The battle between Yaquis and the Mexicans is personal for the Falcon family of Mateo, Petra, Luz, Angel and Cheve, as they fight to survive in the dangerous and violent world they live in. Deer Dancer blends both the mystical culture of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and historical events from this dark period in Mexico’s history to fascinate and educate older young adults and adults alike.


the magician of vienna sergio pitol

The Magician of Vienna by Sergio Pitol. The heartbreaking final volume in Sergio Pitol’s groundbreaking memoir-essay-fiction-hybrid “Trilogy of Memory” finds Pitol boldly and passionately weaving fiction and autobiography together to tell of his life lived through literature as a way to stave off the advancement of a degenerative neurological condition causing him to lose the use of language. Fiction invades autobiography—and vice versa—as Pitol writes to forestall the advancement of degenerative memory loss. “Pitol’s writing – the way he constructs sentences, inflects Spanish, twists meanings and stresses particular words – reflects the multiplicity of languages he has read and embraced. Reading him is like reading through the layers of many languages at once.” — Valeria Luiselli, author of The Story of My Teeth. Sergio Pitol, the greatest living Mexican writer, winner of the Juan Rulfo and Cervantes prizes, is profoundly influential to the current generation of Spanish-language writers, including Valeria Luiselli, Enrique Vila-Matas, and Yuri Herrera.

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