I Came Back


I came back
An allure, a will so free
I came back
An essential part of me

Ecuador holds my heart, my pride
The country of my beginning, my growth
Divergent pathway on an ignorant trail
To you, La Patria, we owe this hail

Raised in the jungle and taught to fight
Little girl, cast into Spanish plight
Eyes opened; begging to stay behind
Little did she know the cultural growth of mind

I came back
Diversity and native tongue
I came back
Enhancement of the young

Soon the roads and ideals became well-worn
A twisted, developed, engaged sense of norm
The heart no longer had definitions in stone
Of home, of usual, diction unknown

Summers of suitcases, fake smiles and questioning minds
Large was the price and small were the finds
Tears were shed in the move to the city
But growth occurred, no salt, no pity

I came back
Culture, simple, plain
I came back
Struggle not in vain

The smell of the tienda, the jugglers on the street
Buenos días, the potholes, a gentle kiss to greet
Stray dogs, late night dancing, Correístas on the roam
Dale Patria, Quito, the settlements of home

The haze that consumes the city, a subpar glow
Las Indígenas, Mestizos, a cultural Van Gogh
Mountains that loom and caress all in sight
A country so diverse, not a tourist overnight

I came back
A culture all my own
I came back
Ecuador is home.

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