Choices by Manuel A Melendez

choices manuel melendezCHOICES

Did I choose to be a man?

before I was born

did I have any saying?

to walk among the living souls


Could I have been a tree?

a mighty oak indeed

or a strong hawk

which glides high above the breeze?


I implored if I had chosen

between choices placed upon my seed

I wonder if I had selected

…to be a man

What about a rock?

that protects somebody’s shore

or even a scaly creature

from the depth of dark blue waters


Such preferences I’ll never know

…for I must be content

of what my destiny offered me

long, long time ago


For I am a man

and forever…

my laughter will live

within the hearts that I touch

and the afterthoughts…

that I have created

…in the chambers of their love.

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