Question #13 Extended

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Question #13 Extended

(Misconceptions of a Latina)


I handed in my application.

“Question #13 is incorrect” she said,

So, I checked, but it wasn’t,

It stated: Are you an American citizen?


Could I blame her?

I’m five feet tall with long midnight hair and dark eyes

Thick lips, wide hips and big thighs,

Bypass my Bachelor, 15 years of experience, my resume must be all lies.


She must have thought I was a:








But I am an American too


I am also

Catracha, Maya y Garifuna

La misa at Juan Batista,

La sinagoga, estilo Espanola, tan linda.

Los Christianos y los Judios

Los Mulatos y los Mestizo

Los Conversos y los Cryptos


From the ruins of Copan to la Isla de Roatan

Tegucigalpa, San Pedro and Tela Beach

Dancing Punta, my history, our speech

Puchica Voz! Can’t you see?

I may be American, but Honduras resides in these genes.


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