The Nature of Truth

By Sergio Troncoso
Publisher: Arte Público Press – Houston, Texas

This is a story set within the walls of Yale.  It is a novel deep with suspense, sex, murder, and brings to light hidden holocaust lies deep within campus walls. From the moment that the story begins, the author captures the reader. It is a book that can’t be put down. Once you begin you are hooked.

the nature of truth sergio troncosoThe main character, Helmut Sanchez discovers an ugly truth about his boss, a world-renowned German Professor through a letter that was written 50 years ago. So what does Helmut do to rectify this truth? That is the 64 thousand-dollar question and a resolution that you won’t see coming. The plot is filled with many twists and turns that it keeps you on the edge of your seat to the very end. You almost don’t want the story to finish because it is intense, yet you want it to do so because your anxiety level is going through the roof. And that dear readers is a testament to a great story!

Not only does the author weave in a suspenseful plot that includes the main character, but he adds a secondary plot that includes the German Professor seducing young students. Mr. Troncoso pulls out every punch with this story and you won’t be disappointed.

If the author’s purpose in writing this novel was to entertain and engage the reader, he did so splendidly. The only thing I would say is that there were German words thrown in and if you don’t speak German it left you wondering what was said. If the author had woven in the translations within the story, it would have been perfect! From start to finish the book was full of suspense and I loved it. I wasn’t expecting the ending and that made it more enjoyable because it kept you thinking about it long after the book was laid to rest. The dialog and scenes were perfectly placed and it made the story flow with ease. It felt as if you were right there with the characters – another testament to good writing.

This is definitely a book you need to buy and read. I could easily see this book made into a movie sometime in the future. The only question is, “Screenplay writers where are you?”

Source: Book was provided by publisher for review. It was reviewed by Corina Martinez Chaudhry.

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