Chaudhry, Corina Martinez

Corina Martinez Chaudhry

Corina Martinez Chaudhry was born in New Mexico but has lived in California most of her life. She grew up in the San Joaquin Valley throughout her high school years, but then made the transition to Southern California where she now resides. Her maternal grandparents were from Chihuahua, Mexico; however, her grandmother was half Basque (Spanish/French). Her paternal grandparents were of Mexican and Native American descent. Both her parents were born in New Mexico and after several children they shortly moved to California where they also remained throughout their lives.

She graduated from Vanguard University Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in business and a minor in English. In addition, she has completed a Water program through the California State University of Sacramento, alongside a Management Certification Program through Pepperdine University.

Throughout her corporate career, Ms. Chaudhry was in a management position overseeing a 300 million annual contract program for a government agency. Not only did this include much responsibility from a legal perspective, but it also included much analytical and methodical reasoning to ensure this program ran effectively. Although Ms. Chaudhry worked in a corporate environment for over 30 years, she simultaneously ran a high traffic site which provides FREE information and articles on Egyptian history. This involved a lot of research and writing and is currently being used by millions of people around the world for information; laymen, schools, and universities. Currently the site attracts millions of readers annually. The site is

Over the last three years, Ms. Chaudhry has been working on a site geared towards helping Latino/Hispanic writers. This site is Currently this site is attracting people from every state in the US and over 120 countries. The goal is to enhance the many literary works of Latino authors throughout the world and to promote their books as well as to provide role models for Latino students and writers. Why is this important to Ms. Chaudhry? Because of the need to showcase Latinos in a different light and to enhance their visibility of education through the writing arts. It is Ms. Chaudhry’s way of giving back to the Latino community and hoping to make a difference in this arena. It is the belief that together we can make a difference.

Using her business management savvy, her writing skills, and her knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Ms. Chaudhry hopes to bring Latino Authors to the forefront and enhance their works throughout the world.

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