Silence, Please

By Linda Chávez Doyle

It is the spring of 2010. This is the story about mostly three women who work for the library and how their personal lives become intertwined with the corruption at the highest level of the city government. The main characters are Veronica, Marisela, and Pilar.

The author captures the various problems that each of the characters encounter as they go through their daily routines. There are family and financial problems at every level and these subplots make the book that much more interesting. There are secrets that the characters keep from each other and this further creates tension and suspense.

Veronica has moved to the desert to get away from an abusive boyfriend; however, the story takes on a different twist when she is now followed by an unknown stalker. Marisela doesn’t want to leave her family and friends, but she wants a job in the city where there is more excitement. Pilar is on the verge of retirement, but is skeptical of making this life-changing decision and possibly not having a reason in life after employment at the library.

The story is written with great insight into the everyday lives of three women, their employment, and their personal wants and needs. At times, it is even humorous.

The book is an easy read and is written in third person, which gives the reader an oversight into the overall lives of the characters. The author has taken an everyday situation that we can all relate to, and she has added some flair and an interesting plot to tell a story. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. A fun read for sure and glad it came across my desk.

The author provided the book and it was reviewed by Corina Martinez Chaudhry.

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