Recent and Upcoming Latino Book Releases – April 10, 2014


Author: Torrey Maldonado – Book Title: Secret Saturdays

Excerpt: A story about two friends, Sean and Justin. Lately, however, Sean is acting differently and getting into trouble at school and hanging out with a tougher crowd. He has also been getting into fights. Eventually Justin discovers that Sean has been secretly visiting his father in prison and wants to help his friend not spiral out of control. Will this change their friendship and Justin has a decision to make in order to help save his friend. Notes: Has just been re-cataloged as Young Adult reading.


Author: Virginia Gift – Book Title: From Deception to Grace

Excerpt: A book about experiencing losses in our lives. It is a book which takes us on a path of a psychological process of separation. The protagonist takes us on a journey of what it’s like to possibility face losses within our lives and how that creates pain; however, eventually she will reinvent herself through this difficult process.


Author: Martin Guevara Urbina – Book Title: Ethnic Realities of Mexican Americans

Excerpt: In this book the author(s) examine the ethnic experience of the Mexican American community in the United States, from colonialism to twenty-first century globalization.  The authors uncover proof that reveals how historically white dogma, combined with science, law, and the American imagination, has been advantageously used as a mechanism to frighten and dominate, and silence Mexican Americans, ethnic racial minorities, and poor white citizens.


Author: Ire’ne Lara Silva – Book Title: Flesh to Bone

Excerpt: It is a book rooted in a Chicana/Latina/indigenous geographic and cultural sensibility. The various stories depict the existent borders and discuss the potential for transformation and healing. The stories are told from a woman’s point of view. It covers the many elements within our society which help to mold us; social, political, ecological, and economical positions within our lives.


Author: Adriana Paramo – Book Title: My Mother’s Funeral

Excerpt: A wonderful memoir detailing a daughter and mother relationship. The mother dies and the author takes us through that time in her life as she reminisces about her childhood, her mother and the sacrifices she made. A touching book.


Author: Laura Lacamara – Book Title: Dalia’s Wondrous Hair / El cabello maravilloso de Dalia.

Excerpt: A new bilingual picture book. The author has written and illustrated the book. This book is slated to come out on May 31, 2014.


Author: Doreen Carvajal – Book Title: The Forgetting River

Excerpt: The author is raised in a Catholic environment and then discovers that her background may actually be linked to conversos from Inquisition-era Spain. These were Jews who were required to relinquish their faith and convert to Christianity or face torture and death.


Author: Maria de Lourdes Victoria – Book Title(s): Four – Bilingual Children’s Books

    • Birthday in the Woods / Cumpleaños en el Bosque

    • Adventure in the Sky / Aventura en el Cielo

    • They came home with a bundle / Llegaron a casa con un bulto

  • King Rascal and Lady Lilly / El rey Rascal y la dama Lilly


Author: Chuy Ramirez  – Book Title: La Jornada de Joaquín

La Jornada de Joaquín

Excerpt: The author takes us on a journey of rediscovery to the strawberry fields in Michigan. It includes a look at his parent’s culture, his own sense of inferiority and even a suspicious death.


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