On the Nature of Gods

By Juanantonio

Published by Abbott Press

The author concentrates on two poems; however, with these two writings he explores a lot of life. He takes on love and its loss throughout time as well as he discusses greed and how all these elements can transform an individual. In his first poem he talks about how an underworld god called Crystal Man created a god-like woman called Evening Star. He describes the Crystal Man as:

Ruby red his head

Purple amethyst a nose

Eyes of diamond well formed

When Crystal man has completed creating Evening Star, she awakens and she is attracted to the sound of the sea and the upper world. She leaves him to explore that life and so she escapes his grasp. Crystal man searches for her for 1000’s of years. He is willing to give up his immortality to be with her, but Evening Star knows they cannot be together although she has always loved him.

In the second poem the author tackles on a demi-god that wants to control his world using power and greed. It is titled Flaco: The Demi-God and the Nature of Gods. In this poem Flaco is the in-clement man, a severe, harsh and not merciful demi-god. He sees Amenacer but is rejected by her.

The two poems are filled with illustrations that are quite poetic in nature. Overall, I enjoyed the author’s descriptive flair as the poems were an interesting read.

The book review was provided by the author and reviewed by Lucia Salinas

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