Nights of Indigo Blue

By Theresa Varela

Publisher: Aignos Publishing

This is an intriguing book that revolves around a murder mystery at Windsor Medical Center. Daisy Muniz is promoted as assistant to one of the hospital administrators. With her promotion she decides to try and get her finances in order and also volunteers for some extra work on a Saturday.  She quickly becomes a suspect in the murder.

The author does a great job of interlacing the characters and the plot. This keeps you glued to the book and truly becomes a page turner. The author captures the work and home life of all the characters splendidly to tell a great story. Ms. Varela does an excellent job of focusing on the problems Daisy has to deal with in order to keep her personal life from her coworkers, but then the protagonist finds that she eventually has to disclose her personal life to the Administrator and the Detective in order to help solve the murder. After the demise of Dr. Campbell, Daisy finds out that she isn’t the only one at the Medical Center that Dr. Campbell has been involved with. This creates a whole new set of problems and this will lead her on a different path that she hadn’t imagined.

Her suspicions start mounting as she gathers information and puts things together. Through her sleuthing and a chance meeting with the deceased Doctor’s family, she finds out the true suspect in the murder and helps the detectives solve it.

This is a very good read, it keeps you in suspense and you don’t know who did it until the end. You couldn’t ask for a better “who done it” book.  This is a great book to have on your bookshelf – some fun reading!

Source: Book was provided by author for review. It was reviewed by Lucia Salinas.

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