Author: Gabriel Fraire

Published by: Gabriel Fraire

The author has done a great job of giving the reader inside knowledge and also historical background into the giant steel mills set in Northwestern Indiana. It really gives you a sense as to how it may be like working in this industrial arena.

This book is about suspense and is definitely a ‘who-done-it’ type book. It’s about five friends that work at a mill and the author has managed to incorporate suspense and intrigue into the plot.  Each setting keeps you glued to the book.  He shows how each of the friends interact with each other and are all connected, and how they help each other in solving the crime. When a fight occurs and someone gets stabbed, Lena leaves the state and only one person knows where she is at.

Then, the four remaining friends are approached by a Russian worker that regularly comes to the mill. He asks them to help him get his sister into the US and offers them good money to do this. They get paid very well for their help, but are worried because they know it is illegal. The author Fraire keeps you in suspense as to what is going to happen throughout the whole book. He does a good job of weaving all the subplots together to make it an interesting story.

When the group discovers that people aren’t the only thing they are smuggling, they try to get out of it; however, it isn’t as easy as they thought it would be to just exit. They realize that there is more to their Russian friend and this creates for more drama and suspense. They realize they need Lena’s assistance to help them out of this situation that they’ve created and that is also all part of the great plot.  You will be surprised at who is really responsible for the events that begin to unfold throughout the book.

This is definitely a good book and fun book to read. I’d recommend it.

This book was provided by the author and reviewed by Lucia Salinas.

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