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Increase your book sales. “4” Tips to get subscribers to open up your emails!
In this day and age of continuous spam hitting our emails daily, you need to make sure that the information you are sending to your subscribers is opened. Many times, emails are sent out to people on your mailing list, but only a few will open up the information you’ve just sent regarding your new book or upcoming presentation(s).Here are some handy tips. For starters, make sure that you’re addressing the following four areas for your subscribers. Use the 4 “U” approach before you start writing your email out. A title or subject line on an email is very important.

Write a Headline Using the Four “U” Approach

• Useful: Make sure that your message is helpful.

• Ultra-specific: Have you told the reader what you are promising them?

• Unique: Is the message gripping and extraordinary?

• Urgent: Will your headline make the reader want to read it right now? Does the reader feel the need to read it NOW.

All of these are important; however, the crucial one is to include urgency to your message line. You want them to open the email right away.

Including a Number in your Headline is a Good Strategy: This allows a person to quickly skim through there emails and gives them a very logical and quick sequence of how much information you are providing them. Make sure you include the “just” of the subject with your heading.

• 10 Steps for Writing a Draft Book

• 5 Tips on how to get Twitter Followers

• 20 Best Book Titles of the Century

• 7 Tips for Avoiding Writers Block

Your Subject Line Should Solve an Issue:

With this type of heading you are giving your reader a heads up into what they will be reading. For your book, you might indicate a little bit about the ending and add a twist that may entice a reader or writer to take notice.

• Attention Readers Who Love Endings With a Twist

• For Writers Who Would Rather Write Than Socialize

• Are You Having Problems Getting Your Novel Started?

• For the Writer Who Hates Working With an Agent

Using a subject line that poses a question and may allude to a answer is a great way to get a reader interested: This type of headline works so well because people like to answer questions. When they see a question, they want to see the answer so that they can validate their own correctness. This is also the best way to identify yourself with the reader on common ground.

• Would a Self-Help Book such as “Vacations on a Budget” Achieve Your Travel Goals?

• Will The Vampire Save the Queen and England?

• Does the Government Owe You “Money?” Then Let’s Get It Back!

When you combine two or more ideas into your subject line, this also tends to give your reader more insight as to the subject of your email; therefore, making them open it up. This is what you are hoping for. Writing headings for your emails going out to your subscribers can help market your book, or give the reader more information on when you may be in town presenting, so don’t miss an opportunity or a client by using a heading that isn’t enticing.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter. More exciting literary information coming; new reads, new authors, conferences, and other book events.

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