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Raquel zepeda fitzgerald

Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald has authored four books.  In 2005, she published her first edition of The Eye of Osiris.  In 2010, she published a second edition.  My Bone Collection, a collection of three short stories was published in 2011.  In early 2013, Buyer’s Remorse, another short story was published. During the autumn of 2013, Raquel published a sequel to The Eye of Osiris, Osiris – the Second Coming.  She is now working on Osiris 333, which will complete the Osiris Trilogy Mystery Series.

In addition to books, Raquel has also published a collection of greeting cards known as Think Blots, Shrink Blotz, and Luv Blots.

Having held the position of CEO for many years, Raquel has also had a career in business and legal administration.  She currently works as a paralegal in the corporate securities industry.

A glimpse of Raquel in her own words

Hello, I’m Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald.  I was born in El Paso, Texas, the year; I’ll never tell!  I am of Mexican-American heritage, with a splash of Irish on my mother’s side. My passion is entertaining people.

When I was just a child living on French Place, my neighborhood friends and I would put on shows to entertain our parents. We played cartoons on the movie projector I got from selling seeds and then we’d have the talent show.  Song and dance is an innate talent for me.   I studied violin when I was in the third grade and have always loved music.  I learned that I was more of a vocalist than a violinist.  I was also the family clown and loved to make my parents, brothers and sisters laugh.

In 1987 I had a sort of calling to entertain people through a new medium, writing.  That year, I started writing The Eye of Osiris.  People at work and my neighbors at home were in love with the story and I eventually published it in 2005.  I know, it took a long, long time!

Sometimes I feel as though I’ve lived a million lives.  My creative endeavors are all over the map: music , clothing design, cosmetics, fragrance, and writing (including greeting cards).   Along the way, I  have also worked  as a CEO for a cosmetics line I created, and legal assistant/paralegal for many years.  No doubt, this is penance for all the fun I’ve had in my life.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the stories.  If you would like to contact me, please send an email to: info@raquelzepedafitzgerald.com.

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