Trupp, Mirta Ines

 mirta ines trupp

Mirta Ines Trupp was 11 months old when she immigrated to the United States; her story is a reflection of a distinctive journey as an immigrant under considerably unique circumstances. Although countless Argentine immigrants have come to the United States, many of them of mixed ethnicities, not many can say that they wore out five passports before the age of twenty-two. Because of her father’s fringe benefits from Pan American Airlines and her mother’s constant yearning for La Familia, they relentlessly traveled back and forth between continents for over ten years.

The author states that the inspiration for her memoir came about like one of her mother’s recipes…a pinch of this, un poquito de lo otro and a healthy dollop of the other. A stalwart sense of family and constancy urged Mirta to give her three adult children a tangible link- something that would forever remind them that they came from this loving, enduring stock made up of Jewish values, Russian ancestry, and Argentine culture. In addition, the concept of sharing history and commonality was a rousing motivator. Some people might think that a book about a particular culture or faith would only attract a specific group. People like to look at themselves and find the humor or poignancy in their lifestyle or situation; Jews crave yiddishkeit, as Argentines crave their Argentinismos. (Comedians make us laugh at ourselves all the time, and we enjoy it!) But on a deeper level, of course, we are all human beings; we can relate to various universal themes such as tradition, assimilation, acceptance and personal growth. When readers can see beyond the label and see themselves, that’s when an author has truly accomplished something of worth. Once you peel away the labels, whether they are self-inflicted or imposed by society, you end up with the human experience and that makes for interesting reading. Because of these reasons, Mirta Ines hopes that you agree; she has written a singularly distinctive memoir, one which will entertain and enlighten a wide and diverse audience.

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