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esteban luis soto

Esteban Luis Soto was born and raised in the West Texas town of El  Paso before leaving at the age of 23 to pursue music in Austin. It was  during this time that he began to develop a passion for writing poetry and  short stories. The calling for writing became so great that he enrolled in  the College of Santa Fe to pursue a career in creative writing. He became  fascinated with the likes of Borges, Allende and Marquez and the genre known  as “Magic Realism.”

He developed his writing skills (especially in poetry) and after a year in  Santa Fe, decided to return to his home town to be closer to his beloved  family. After a period of time, however, the calling to Austin and music became so great that he has since recently relocated back to the Hill  Country.

Esteban Luis Soto currently resides in Austin and continues to write and  partake in musical projects. He was recently a winner in the annual Franklin-Christoph poetry contest as well as being a featured poet in Magnapoets “Love Anthology” which is now available at

His self-published novelette entitled, “The Remarkable Martin Faulkner” is  also now available via


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