René Rodríguez Soriano

Rene Rodriguez Soriano

René Rodríguez Soriano is one of the most renown and prestigious Dominican author of these times.He has received numerous awards such as The National Award for Short Stories “Casa de Teatro” (1996); The National Award for Short Stories “José Ramón López” (1997); The National Award for Literature “UCE” 2007 and 2008, for Novel and Poetry respectively. He has published: Raíces con dos comienzos y un final (1977- 1981), Canciones rosa para una niña gris metal (1981), Muestra gratis (1986), Todos los juegos el juego (1986); Su nombre, Julia (1991), La radio y otros boleros (1996), Queda la música (2003), Sólo de vez en cuando (2005), Apunte a lápiz (2007), Betún melancolía (2008), El mal del tiempo (2008), Rumor de pez (2009), Tientos y trotes (2011), Solo de flauta (2013) among others.

He also published, “full of complicity and written “with four hands” in conjunction with Ramón Tejada Holguín. Probablemente es virgen, todavía (1993), Y así llegaste tú… (1994), Blasfemia angelical (1995) and Pas de deux (2008). In 2002, also written “with four hands” with Plinio Chahín, Salvo el insomnio.

Recently was published anextense compilation of studies of René Rodríguez Soriano’s work, Visiones deorilla (Estudios, apuntes y testimonios en torno a la obra de René Rodríguez Soriano), edited by Carlos Ardavin, professor of Trinity University, San Antonio, TX.

At the moment, Rodríguez Soriano lives in Houston, Texas since 1998 from where he plays an arduous role in the diffusion and promotion of the Iberoamerican and Dominican literature through his online publication “revista mediaIsla” which he edits since 2003.

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