Rivera, Freddie

freddie rivera

Freddie Rivera was born in New York City in 1957. His background is of the Puerto Rican culture. He is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC. His profession is a graphic artist. He wrote his first book entitled “The Shining Within Me: Communications from the Afterlife.” It is a true account of the life of Psychic Medium Freddie Rivera. He recalls and shares his memories and experiences in growing up with gifts that were not yet recognized or understood by society. He takes you through his traumas as a small child and through a confused, misplaced and lonely existence while growing up. You will experience his often frightening and life-altering encounters with the paranormal in vivid detail. You will learn and grow with him while he discovers and embraces his true calling. Freddie has made it his life’s mission to help the bereaved heal from the loss of their loved ones and to prove they are still very much alive. His last chapter entitled “Proof Positive” provides actual testimonials by real people and the readings they received from Freddie. These testimonials include personal contact information to authenticate that these are non-fictitious readings.

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