Nieto, Maria

maria nieto pig behind the bear

Maria Nieto grew up in Los Angeles and moved from the area in 1984 to attend a Ph.D graduate program in Immunology at UC Berkeley. Maria currently resides in Oakland and works as a Professor of Biology at California State University, East Bay. Pig Behind The Bear, a novel, represents Maria’s first work of fiction. In the story a junior LA Times reporter Alejandra Marisol is working on a commemorative piece to recognize famed LA Times reporter Rubén Salazar. The year is 1971 and Salazar was murdered one year earlier. While working on the piece Alejandra enlists the help of characters, who challenge us to think differently about ourselves and the world we live in, as she gets embroiled in a murder mystery that appears to have ties to Salazar’s death. The reader will travel through streets and townships where rich Angelino culture comes to life, and where tragedy and despair are transformed into hope.


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