Martinez, Roger

Roger Martinez

I have written a handful of articles based on culture, dreams and addictions in a handful of publications, La Herencia, People of God, The Taos News, the Santa Fe New Mexican and a handful of newsletters. I wrote an a column on dreams/addiction for three years in the professional magazine, “Addiction Professional.”

Continuing to write, I have begun work on both a novel and a compilation of short stories, two stories of which I have completed and have been sold individually in three museums in New Mexico. The first story is an edited and rewritten mythological story on the Spanish death image, Lady Sebastiana following a poor man whom meets her aquaintance. The second completed story is about Chief Cuerno Verde (Green Horn), one of the most powerful Comanche chiefs to rule the plains and his interactions with the people of northern New Mexico and a couple of governors along the way.

Both short stories are pleasingly produced and bound in my own studio and are a great presentation. I have had book readings/signings and I am open and available to do more.


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