Martinez, James S.

james s martinez

James S. Martinez was born in December of 1963 on Ramey, AFB in Puerto Rico.  He attended Kent State University and was awarded an MS in Biomedical Sciences in 2001.  He has been an avid reader and dedicated volunteer for many years and believes wholeheartedly that “One person can make a difference”. It’s with this belief in mind that he and co-founder Timothy T. Civick, created Helping Tales Publishers. Helping Tales Publishers has committed to making reading have a positive impact on the world by “helping those in need, one story at a time”.  In order to accomplish this mission, Helping Tales Publishers writes and produces entertaining, empowering,and educational books that teach empathy, compassion and service to the community to children of all ages.

James Martinez is a freshman author with three books in print, Patches’ Awesome Day,UnMaravillosoDia Con Patches and Diamonds in the Ruff. Each book is written in a whimsical tone with rhyming verse. The simple and fun stories are paired with beautiful illustrations created by Timothy T. Civick that captivate and enchant the reader. These books also serve the purpose of raising funds to aid various charities across the country.  A quote from Diamonds in the Ruff summarizes why Helping Tales Publishers was created. “If there’s a need, help the cause, Whether you help people or those with paws. By helping one, you help us all. Take up the fight and heed the call!” Please be on the lookout for more books from James S. Martinez and Helping Tales Publishers.

Mr. Martinez was awarded 2nd Place for BOTH “The Dinosaur’s New Shoes” and “The Final Pet Stop” in The North Texas Book Festival.

Contact Information: James S. Martinez

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