Marcantoni, Jonathan


Puerto Rican author of socio-political fiction. I have been writing professionally since 2004 and I have written for television, theatre, and novels. My play ‘Lily’, co-written with Jean Blasiar, will have a staged reading this month in West Hollywood. I have been an editor for twelve books, seven of which were done for Savant Books and Publications.

Since May of 2012, I have been Editor in Chief of Aignos Publishing, an independent, royalty-based publisher of experimental and innovative fiction and non-fiction. I have focused much of our output on Hispanic authors and this year we will release our first bi-lingual and Spanish books. We will also be releasing an anthology of essays from 15 countries focusing on the biggest issues facing the modern world entitled ‘There is No Cholera in Zimbabwe’. I am co-author of the WWII drama Çommunion’, co-written with Jean Blasiar, as well as the psychological drama ‘Traveler’s Rest’. My third book, ”The Feast of San Sebastian’ a political thriller set in the Puerto Rican black market, is due out this summer. I am a staunch advocate for traditional publishing and am firmly against self-publishing. I seek to educate and develop young writers and give voice to those living in places where opportunities are few and far between.


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