Guerrero, Raúl

raul guerrero

Raúl Guerrero is an author, journalist, and essayist. His writing on language, history, science and culture has been published in the US, Latin America and Europe. His books include the historical novels INSOLENCE and La dudosa fuga de la cronista LIBERTINA, and the non-fiction Llegar a 100: Chronicle of Heart Attack, and Azul: Language and Culture.

Praise for Mr. Guerrero’s books

In Llegar a 100 Raúl Guerrero chronicles his life as a clinical study, exploring the causes of his life threatening heart disease. In the process he explores issues affecting the health of Hispanic communities, including immigration, language, education… Informed and accessible, very helpful. Columbia University Department of Surgery.

His writing is concise and erudite, simple and engaging. NBC— Hartford, CT.

No doubt Raúl Guerrero goes out on a limb, mixing fact and fiction, tragedy and humor, but he holds it together with old fashion storytelling. Cambio Magazine—Nobel Lauréate Gabriel Gracia Márquez.



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