Avelar Scott, Maricela

Maricela Avelar Scott

My autobiography, “Mexican Bread,” is a story of my personal family experiences and the journey my family had with Mexican bread. This autobiography describes my family’s history, achievements, happiness, humor and sadness. It also includes my personal connection with my grandmother’s and mother’s cooking, and the original recipes that my grandmother and my mother used daily to cook for our large Mexican family. I have vivid memories of them preparing and cooking these traditional Mexican recipes. These recipes include ingredients, especially lard, that because of society’s health consciousness, would never be included in any modern cookbooks. Even though my grandmother’s and mother’s cooking included these ingredients, they were a culinary treat for our entire family.

I am currently a self-employed hairstylist in the city of Downey, California. I grew up being the youngest of five, one brother and three sisters. I come from a very large extended Latino family. My formative years were spent in East Los Angeles and the South East Los Angeles Unified Public Schools from kindergarten to twelfth grade. A few years ago I published my first book, “How To Be A Fabulous Aunt” available at Barnes and Noble.com, Xlibris.com and Amazon.com. I was inspired to write this book to share my personal story and our family’s love of Mexican bread. Many family mornings, afternoons and evenings that involved happiness, drama and discussion included Mexican bread. I have written about these events in my book.

Contact:  maricelastylist@gmail.com

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