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Fr. Orlando Addison

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Orlando J. Addison was born in Tela, Honduras, and graduated from the Centro Universitario Regional del Norte.  He earned his Master’s in Divinity degree at Virginia Theological Seminary. He is the former Rector of Holy Spirit Episcopal School in Tela. He is an American Citizen, an Episcopal priest and author of the books Happy Land and a bilingual poetry book, Night Was Afraid to Fall. Addison currently resides in the state of Florida.

Book Synopsis:

Ernesto Gamboa Synopsis

Former union leader and Afro-Honduran, Ernesto Gamboa, is a lawyer who defends the interests of the Honduran working class. He is invited by union leaders to address workers on the first of May, Honduran Labor Day.  In the middle of his speech, Ernesto is shot in the chest by an unknown assassin.  He falls on his back with his left hand covering the bullet wound. Seconds later he dies on the platform. The scene is chaotic with people running in all directions at once. Suddenly, Ernesto opens his eyes and sees his motionless body lying on the platform. He is frightened by the scene, joins the terrorized crowd of people, while seeking protection from the danger of more bullets.  Although Ernesto knows who he is, no one in the crowd recognizes him as the person who has been shot.  Later, Ernesto attends his own funeral.  When he sees his family he approaches them, but they did not recognize him as Ernesto Gamboa. The character spends the rest of his life in search of answers. A strong historical-political thread is woven throughout the novel which includes the scheme by the US government and Honduran authorities to assassinate Ernesto Gamboa for his political views.

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