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Major Players that develop Best Sellers List?

These lists are basically compiled by Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and the New York Times; however, they are heavily influenced by bookstore sales and major publishing companies. In other words, if you are not published by one of the major publishing companies, most likely your book will not get much attention or get into one of these lists. It does not mean it will not happen, but it may require a lot of footwork on your part to hype up your book. Our next newsletter will include methods to help get your book noticed.

How are Best Seller Lists generated through these major news networks?

Very simple! The editors of these major news networks compile a list of books they think will be bestselling titles for that week. They compile their list from all the hype and publicity that major publishing companies produce on specific books. This is the reason that publishers go to great lengths to promote their authors via print runs and to provide higher budgets for frontlist-titled authors.

Once these editor lists are compiled, they are sent out to thousands of book stores across the United States. The book stores are asked to provide sales information on these particular books and to write in other books that are not on the list, but have been selling very well. Most book stores do not bother writing in titles of those not on the list.

Not including ALL best-selling books unto these lists really skews the overall best-selling book sales numbers. A book on a best-seller list may not necessarily have sold that many copies for the week; however, it made it on the list due to the not-so-accurate process in place today. In fact, a book that does not make it on the best-sellers list (coming from a small press or an independent published author) could potentially be outselling those that come from major publishers.

The advantage of being on a best-selling list, however, is that people do see these lists and tend to buy books that have been endorsed by these major powers.

Literary Artists

Who was Miguel de Cervantes? Have you heard of the book Don Quixote? He was a Spanish poet, playwright, and novelist born on September 29, 1547 and died on April 22, 1616. He wrote this great literary work Don Quixote. It is assumed that he was born in Alcala de Henares, a city about 15 miles from Madrid where he was also baptized. Records indicate he had six siblings; although, the last sibling is known because it was mentioned in his fathers will. He is better known for the contribution of his literary work Don Quixote; first part of this masterpiece gaining success in 1605. This written work has since gone on to be noted as one of the western literature classics of the world.

He lived in Rome for a while, but then eventually enlisted in the Spanish Navy infantry. During his military service he was captured by Algerian pirates and worked in slavery for five years. His family, the Trinitarians, and the Catholic religious order eventually paid a ransom for his release. He moved to Madrid and joined his family and lived there until his death.

In 1584 he married Catalina de Salazar y Palacios, a women much younger than he. It is said that his character, Don Quixote, was based on his wifes uncle Alonso de Quesada y Salazar. Throughout his life he published many other literary works such as La Galatea, El Trato de Argel (play), El Cerco de Numancia (play), Viaje del Parnaso (allegory of contemporary poets) and many more titles too numerous to mention.

Today a statue depicting Miguel de Cervantes stands in the harbor of Nafpaktos, Greece. UNESCO established April 23 as International Day of the book. It was done to commemorate the day that Shakespeare died (April 23, 1616) and the day that Cervantes was buried (Cervantes had died the day before). Miguel de Cervantes resting place is not known.

English Tidbits

Did you know there are 21 rules for including commas? Each week we will be covering TWO of them. Here are the third and fourth rules.

3rd Rule (Separating an ly Adjective)

When an ly adjective is used with other adjectives, use a comma. TEST: If the ly word can be used alone with the noun then it truly is an adjective. A comma is then needed.

Example one:

Fernando was a friendly, childish boy.

Example two:

I get headaches in brightly colored spaces.

Brightly is not considered an adjective because it cannot be used alone with the noun spaces; therefore, no comma is used between brightly and spaces.

4th Rule (Commas and Titles)

A comma should be used surrounding the name or title of a person directly addressed.


Can you, Sandra, reach that light for me?
Yes, Doctor, I can take that medication.

Remember to always capitalize a title when directly addressing someone.

Author Events and News

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz made Time Magazines Top 10 Fiction list for 2012.
Read this great interview on Torrey Maldonado by EDI.  [Click here]

Thrilled to learn The Distance Between Us made the top 15 best nonfiction books of 2012. [Click here]

December 9, 2012. Special event at La Casa Azul Bookstore. Meet your local author day! Check out the author roster: [Click here]

December 11, 2012. An interview with Maricela Avelar Scott on clear channel radio station 92.3 FM will be conducted by Josefa Salinas. Keep your calendars open. Maricela Avelar Scott is the author of Mexican Bread.

Books to Add to your Bookshelf

Lion Eyes by Victor Villasenor. This is a true story about a young boy who gets lost in a snow storm in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. It is during this time that he comes face-to-face with his totem and he is transformed. A huge mountain lion leads the boy home, which sets the path for a rewarding life. It is full of mysticism and a truly inspiring book.

From This Wicked Patch of Dust by Sergio Troncoso. It is a story depicting the Martinez family on a border town near El Paso. This story covers family triumphs and tribulations as the children grow and begin to question their own identity and go about their lives. The book can easily be the struggle of so many immigrants in attaining the American Dream. One to definitely have on your bookshelf this holiday season.

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