Vázquez, Lourdes

Lourdes Vazquez

Among her latest works are her novels Not myself without you (Bilingual Review Press, 2012) and the second edition of Sin ti no so yo (El Gallo Rojo, 2012); Appunti dalla Terra Frammentata (Italia: EDIBOM Edizione Letterarie, Serie Collana Isla, 2012), a poetry anthology in Italian; the short story book La mujer, el pan y el pordiosero (México: Eón, 2010), the anthology Cuando narradoras latinoamericanas narran en Estados Unidos (Argentina: Fundación A. Ross, 2009), the short story book Tres relatos y un infortunio (Argentina: Fundación A. Ross, 2009), A Porcelain Doll with Violet Eyes Staring into Space…published as an e-book(Wheelhouse Magazine, 2009); Samandar: libro de viajes/ Book of Travels (Buenos Aires: Tse Tse, 2007), There is also two artists books: Cibeles que sueña=Cybeles, As she Dreams by the artist Yarisa Colón and and Salmos del cuerpo ardiente, An Artist Book with artist Consuelo Gotay (2007). Her work had appeared in numerous anthologies and journals and besides English had been translated to Italian, French, Swedish, Rumanian, Galician and Portuguese. Among her awards are the Juan Rulfo de Cuentos (France) and an Honorary Mention from Foreword Book of the Year Award for her book Bestiary: Selected Poems (Bilingual Press). Sin ti no soy yo is listed in: The New Essential Guide to Spanish Reading (2012), compiled by the organization America Reads Spanish.

Contact:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lourdes_V%C3%A1zquez

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